Cisca Saltpipe 


  • Portable dry salt inhaler
  • 100% natural, drug and preservative free


Active Ingredients of the device:

50-60 g of selected halite salt crystals formed in the middle miocene.


Composition: Sodium chloride min.99%

Other components (about 1%): Calcium sulphat, Magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, Iron (III) oxide.


This device contains active ingrdients suffient for 5 years based on daily usage.

Cisca Saltpipe (Large)

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  • Simply place the saltpipe in your mouth and inhale through. Then take the saltpipe out and exhale through your nose. Breathing should not be done with your normal intensity and without straining.


    This device should be used daily at least 15-25 minutes. This can be spread over 3 or 4 applications i.e 4-5 minutes per occasion.

    Once the cleaning process starts residual mucus may leave the respiratory system through couching and nasal discharge.

  • Wipe tthe outside surface with a damp cloth or hygenic wiper as the inside should be kept dry. To be stored in a dry place.