Catnip is a herbaceous perennial and member of the mint familly having

many similar qualities.The whole plant can reach around a meter high and wide.

The leaves are a deeper green than normal mint and can even tend to be brown.

Flowers tend to range from white to pink to purple.


  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% Pure Ingredients


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Indigo Herbs Catnip Tea 50g

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  • The smooth green taste that comes with Catnip Tea can be sweetened with

    a little agave syrup if you prefer. Catnip will also work well in different tea blends. Why not experiment using Catnip with other loose teas to make your own unique fusion.


    It is thought that the Egyptians first started to investigate the qualities of Catnip through their love of cats. Whether myth of legend it is certainly true that this civilisation passed on the knowledge of Catnip to the Greeks, which was then passed to the Romans. Used as a food flavouring and as part of their medical system, the Romans eventually spread Catnip throughout Europe. During the Middle Ages Catni was used for a multitude of different reasons. Boxers would often chew Catnip before a fight in the belief that it could make theem more aggressive and stronger.


    These Nepeta cataria plants are cultivated in herb farms specifically for use as tea. When the catnip plants are in full bloom the flowers and oily aromatic top stem are cut and inspected for insect damage.


    After general inspection the best quality flowers and stem are put out to slow dry out of the sun. All batches are tested for foreign toxins and heavy metals before shipping. This process complies with GMP standards and is quality assured by Indigo Herbs.