Candida Tea is a combination of dried premium quality

traditional anti-fungal herbs: Pau D-Arco Bark, Peppermint Leaf,

Marigold Flowers and Marshmallow Leaf.


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Indigo Teas Candida Care Tea 50g

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  • Each of the herbal ingredients used for this tea have been chosen

    for their traditional properties in aiding an anti-candida diet.

    Having a candida infection can give skin problems and make you

    feel lethargic whilst battling cravings for sugar. If you have a Candida infection or just want to use traditional anti-fungal herbs as a preventative, then this tea could be for you.


    Pau D'Arco bark has always been famed as a traditional anti-fungal in

    its home of the Amazon Rainforest. Boosted with premium quality Marigold Flowers and Marshmallow, the action of Pau D'Arco make this

    blended herbal tea a great support in your fight agaisnt Candida infection.


    The Peppermint binds the Pau D'Arco, Marigold Flower and Marshmallow Leaf with clean menthol making this tea a pleasure to drink.

    You'll experience a refreshing taste with a deep flroal sensation while the Pau D'Arco bark adds an earthy woody hint.